duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Good morning sunshine!

Good morning sunshine, I`m so glad to meet you! I`ve been waited so long for you because I want to talk with you about things, about stupid things that people don`t understand,things I can`t tell anyone, that only you can understand.For example we can talk about the weather, is so fucking cold outside,I want summer back, I want to go to the seaside and stay there forever.And I want to tell you about him.He is not perfect, he has a lot of imperfections, he is annoying sometimes and he makes me want to scream, he ruins my day and saves it at the last minute, but he is lively,funny,cute,friendly,sincere I think and is perfect for me and I need him.I need him like a kid needs his candy,like the winter needs the snow to fall because a day without him is like a year without rain and I`m not joking, a day without talking with him about everything [it doesn`t matter if we talk about stupid things or we talk about serious stuff ],is kinda boring, is like that type of day that suck.I like his mischevious smile, his rather weird hair, his sense of humor, his perverse mind, the ocassional annoying conversations, the funny random noises he makes, the burning touch of his fingertips on my skin and how he knows most of the things on my mind. He has that special thing which makes me so connected to him and I love that.I hate not knowing if he feels the same way or what he feels but it is what it is and probably I will never know what`s in his mind.Thanks for being here and listened to my crap.I will be here in every moment to wait for you.

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