sâmbătă, 5 iulie 2014


Maybe you have a lot of friends, but you know not all of them will be there when a storm will come.Because not everybody knows the really meaning of friendship.A friend should be there when you are in you`re happiest moments but also when you are down. A friend will not run away when you have problems, because your problems should be his problems. Because that`s what friendship should be, two souls in one body.Everyone is different and have different standars for this meaning. For me, friends are like mornings, you can`t have them all day, you don`t need to talk with them all day, but you can be sure, they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next year and forever. I always believed that if i`m sincere and honest with someone, i will receive the same. I have friends all over the world and i`m not complaining that i can`t see them more often, because i know and they know we are friends, and we can help eachother always, because we are there for eachother.A friend will always know when to put questions, and when he needs only to hug you.Yes you can always do mistakes and think that maybe that person that you call "friend" will be there forever, and will not change you with someone else, but even this will happen, you don`t need to lose your confidence in people because one day someone will come and change your life in a good way, but you will not give the same trust, and then you will lose maybe a good friend.You need to give a chance for everyone in your life.
I`ve always told all about my life to my best friends, because i don`t need to be closed with myself.Yes sometimes we need to spend time only with eachother, but not so much, you just need to talk with someone sometimes.And we all know a best friend knows everything about you and still loves you.We don`t need to change for anybody, because who will really like us, and love us, will like us for what we are, not for what we are trying to be.A friend will know when we are not in our moods, and it will try to make everything better, even when he knows that nothing will change the situation. So if you wanna see who your real friends are, screw up and see who`s still there to hug you.

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  1. Imi pare rau pentru tot. Stiind ca pleci imi este frica si sa vorbesc cu tine.